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You can read all my plays on the new play exchange by clicking here! 

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Full Length

I like fantasy because I can escape the real world

(3m, 3w, 2gnp, 120 min)

Max, an awkwardly endearing high schooler, pours every ounce of his imagination into his sketchbook. Through elven men in tight leather, princesses who dream to lecture at universities, and Fantasy Cowboys Max sketches up the world and people of “Skyfall.” When the sketchbook gets destroyed, Max spirals into the world he dreamed into reality. The quirky and colorful Skyfall is everything Max imagined and, unfortunately, more. Max cannot escape his real life, not even within the creation he made to run away in the first place. A playful, violent romp into a young person’s fantastical mythos.

Den of Iron Wolf

(5m, 3w, 140 min)

In the hard-nosed land of New York City Ironworkers a young actor, Harry, takes a job to pay his bills. Surrounded by people of different generations and beliefs Harry navigates pursuing his own dreams while becoming conflictedly invested in those around him. Are his artistic ambitions selfishly holding him back? Can he find greatness, and commune with those around him no matter how different?

Beowulf: Her Story

(8-11 people, 70 min)

She's snarky, she's heroic, she's intent on becoming a legend: She's Beowulf. The Epic of Beowulf hilariously adapted for young adults of today. Join Beowulf and her two companions Wigulf and Yarwick as they set out to defeat Grendel, save Hrothgar, and write an Epic to last the ages.

Killing Mr. Mouse

(3w, 2m, 80 min)

Lizzie's dreams of becoming Shell at Misney Universe come into focus when her best friend Zoe helps her get hired at Freezer The Musical... selling merchandise. Little do Zoe and Lizzie know, Mr. Mouse himself has his eye on them. Killing Mr. Mouse is a mischievous descent into the colorful chasms of corporatocracy. A blending of fantastical genres, storybook animation, and the power and friendship.

Solo Shows

The Key (Solo Show)

(15 min)

For men, particularly straight cis men, to grow and improve they must confront themselves and traditional masculine values. Exploring the male body and ego through biographical storytelling the piece investigates the comedy, darkness, and discomfort surrounding maleness. The Key was performed in a night of Solo Performances at Fordham University as a 10-minute piece. It is currently being expanded into a full-length project. Footage of the performance is available upon request. 

Italian Rose (Solo Show)


(45 min)

Funded by a Fordham Research Grant Italian Rose explores the connection between family, story, and remembering. Told through the charismatic, irreverent voice of Roe the solo show dynamically swaps between past and present, addressing how we inherit the past. 

The show is currently in a workshop phase, guided by Collaborator Grace Fojtik (

Birds Fly Home

(1m, 1w, 15 min)

When Jacob returns home after years missing, he reconnects with his old friend Connie to make money digging in her graveyard. The two dig up the past, unwittingly creating a foundation for the looming present waiting for Jacob. A play about returning home, bonds, and how to keep moving when your legs no longer run.

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