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  • James Kenna

An Open Letter to Tapestry VPs (From Gen Z)

Dear Tapestry Executives,

I’ll get to the point…

Gen Z and Male demographics are ready for you... But are you ready for them?

As a male gen-z’r myself, I have my doubts.

To achieve your growth strategies for FY25, it is crucial to focus on enhancing the customer experience. While your emerging markets have been successful in driving year-over-year growth, it is the American Gen Z population that holds the power to make or break your brand's future.

I’m not revolutionary in pointing out the emphasis on values (sustainability and brand personality), but to convince a price-conscious generation you need to have the best buying experience possible.

To earn our trust you need a simple, hyper-personalized omnichannel experience. I understand that this is easier said than done, so let me share my own buying experience with Coach and how it could have been improved.

Where and how are we, Gen-Z, buying your product?

I popped into Hudson Yards Coach and was overwhelmed. I love nice things. I want to get my partner of 7 years nice things, but growing up with a teacher and construction worker for parents, price tags still make my head spin. But I’m an adult now… I can afford it. I still walk out without speaking to the attendant.

On my way to chicago for Salesforce Connections, I poked around in the store at the new LGA. It was a sleepy morning, but I got a better feel for things.

Eventually, I hopped onto your site. I quickly realized I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I stumbled into your astrology collection (my partner's an Aquarius).

I found something that seemed good, but instead of making the purchase, I ended up searching for the product second-hand on Google.

I wonder how many other purchases you are losing to this buyers journey?

Throughout my experience, I never came across Coachotopia or (re)loved. I only discovered them during my deeper research. In fact, it seems to be very silo’d from the rest of the company. If I had, I most certainly would have put the time into that product catalog due to it’s selection, sustainability, price-point, and easier buying experience than bargain hunting.

Here are some suggestions from an outsider's perspective:

Since you already use Commerce Cloud, which we cheekily refer to as the Ferrari of eCommerce, it should be optimized to provide a unique buying experience for both guest and returning users. Gen Z consumers will tend to stay as guests during the checkout process until they are fully convinced by a brand. In my personal experience, I didn't notice a personalized experience from one click to another.

A product quiz, shoppable images with influencer collaborations, and relevant timely cross-platform engagements are 3 low-hanging fruit ideas.

In the long-term, the highest value lies in connecting all your shopping experiences into a unified brand experience.

I think a misconception about young buyers is that we research online to go buy in-stores. I buy online, period. And if I am in-store, I'm shopping for a vibe, so my shopping experience online should match the feeling of the store. My experience of Coach: It’s curated, it’s relevant, it’s both a piece of nostalgia and the future. I bought my first girlfriend a coach bag with the money I saved from digging headstone foundations. That emotional connection is powerful.

To connect these experiences, as well as the data, technology, and customer experience, you need to optimize and invest in your systems. If you'd like, I can provide more insights on how to do this.

My Background (and OSF Digital’s)

A former actor, writer, and Ironworker, I entered the Tech and Services ecosystem with a love for storytelling and the hope the businesses I love as a consumer transform. I was fortunate to stumble into OSF Digital, the leading expert across the Salesforce Clouds, bolstered by a staff of former C-Suite consultants from the top RCG brands. Over the past 20 years, we have grown from a small Demandware shop to become the largest and most awarded Salesforce Partner, with capabilities in every cloud.

Luxury brands have turned to us because we are big enough to support their global needs, yet small enough to provide personalized attention and experiences. You could say we are the Salesforce Goldilocks partner.

One example I like to mention is a luxury wine brand (which you probably know) that has been our partner for years. They approached us with the goal of establishing more predictable revenue, but they had no concrete idea of how to achieve it. Together, we developed one of the first subscription-based luxury wine clubs, long before it became widely adopted. We integrated it seamlessly across their omnichannel technology, even before this service was productized.

Most partners simply take orders. You tell them what to do, and they do it. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of your business and values, and our genuine investment in your brand. We strive to imagine and achieve your next iteration.

What’s Next?

I may not be the smartest person at OSF (not by a long shot), but as an introduction, I can introduce you to our former C-Suite consultants through a complimentary omnichannel assessment of your brands. This assessment will include specific recommendations and leave-behinds.

If that doesn't interest you, I am based in NYC. I would be more than happy to have a quick 15-minute introduction over Zoom or a coffee to share a few ideas and gain a better understanding of your priorities. This meeting can be with you or any other member of your team.

You can reach me at or on my cell at 609-610-3969. If 15 minutes of our time could influence your GTM audience strategy and help brainstorm cross-channel solutions, here's a link to my calendar. Ask yourself this: are you using your platforms as well as you could be?

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Best regards,

James Kenna

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